Land surveying and geomatics application


Import and edit your measurements


Booking sheets, least squares network adjustment, terrain profiles...


Show your data on a map


  • Import measurements from total stations (Trimble JXL, Leica GSI / MDT and Topcon GTS7 files)
  • Option for manual input of measurements
  • Tools for advanced measurement editing
  • Booking Sheets
  • Direct Geodetic Problem
  • Inverse Geodetic Problem
  • Coordinates by Angular Intersection
  • Coordinates by Angular Resection
  • Coordinates by Intersection of Two Circles
  • Coordinates by Intersection of Two Lines
  • Link Traverse
  • Open Traverse
  • Polygonal Traverse
  • Area of a Polygon
  • Azimuth to Unknown Point
  • Geocentric to Geodetic coordinates conversion
  • Geodetic to Geocentric coordinates conversion
  • Coordinate Transformation
  • Convert DXF to Shapefile
  • Convert Shapefile to DXF
  • Copy GeoTiff by Extent
  • Map viewer with feature attributes and printing option
  • Raster Georeferencing Report
  • Trimble - GPS Calibration Report
  • Unit Converter
  • WMS Downloader
  • Least squares network adjustment
  • Deformation analysis
  • Terrain profiles
  • Surface Interpolation with Curvilinear Anisotropy
  • Bathymetry Mesh from Cross Sections
  • Cross Section Chainage


Geozor works only on Windows 10 x64. If you want us to support different operating systems (including smartphones), please let us know at


Feature requests are the best way to improve Geozor ... so please let us know you if have one! Contact us at